Keith Ribbons | Character Animation Reel 2014

Currently a Lead Animator at the Bafta winning Blue Zoo Animation Studio.
I'm an experienced and highly motivated individual with an interesting and rich work history.
I have a friendly, approachable attitude, coupled with a 'work horse', conscientious approach to my work.
I have developed excellent working relationships in my career, and gained valuable managerial experience from my lead roles in games and television.
Coming from a generalist background, I am able to fully contribute to a project and understand the needs and problems that can occur.
I am always working on personal animation projects in my spare time, and I relish the opportunity to customize and create characters.
Thanks for reading

kribbons@gmail.com | tel: 07793752751

Link to my resume here
Link to Quicktime file here

Showreel Breakdown 2014

1 - "I'm different to you..." | Self directed, iAnimate workshop
2 - "Charge..." | Self directed, original rig 'Morpheus/Rhett'
3 - "VW Black Betty" Superbowl commercial
4 - "My Daughter..." | Self directed, iAnimate workshop
5 - "Return..." | Self directed, original rig 'Morpheus/Rhett'
6 - "Tree Man..." | Self directed, original rig 'Malcom'
7 - "Conkerball Run..." | Tree Fu Tom Tv series
8 - "Spincake Day..." | Tree Fu Tom Tv series
9 - "Spincake Day..." | Tree Fu Tom Tv series
10 - "Twigs' Big Boost..." | Tree Fu Tom Tv series
11 - "Twigs' Big Boost..." | Tree Fu Tom Tv series